Monday, 2 May 2011


"Justice has been served"

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"
Mahatma Gandhi

Theres an old Tao story, A thief was brought in front of a judge for trial.The judge was,lets just say a little more wise than the job required.The thief had been accused of stealing from a very rich person`s home.The thief argued that he had to steal in order to eat and survive whereas the rich man hadn`t lost any substantial amount as a result of this theft as he had,well,plenty.

The Judge sentenced both the thief and the Rich man to prison.The judge argued that it was immoral to amass so much wealth,in a society which had people having so little,that it encouraged the have-nots to steal in order to live.On the other hand to pardon stealing on this ground was also not prudent as it would discourage people to toil in order to earn their bread.

Now THIS is what justice is all about.Its about letting sense prevail over nonsense and looking at the larger picture,larger than the incident at hand.

Compared to this,the self-satisfaction and aplomb with which Barak Obama almost gloatingly announced to the world,that Osama had been killed,and the euphoria with which the American people greeted this news,makes their sense of justice look very puny indeed.

To think of the billions of dollars that have been spent on this man`s hunt,the countless innocents who have lost their lives as a result of this macho Rambo-esque pursuit of a fiend...the whole justice bit looks more like retribution,and a foolishly costly one at that.

One of the basic principles of jurisprudence is for the adjudicator of good and bad to hold himself to stricter standards of justice than the supposed convicts or wrong-doers.

Again..America fails miserably here.And on many counts.

FIrst of all,Bin Laden is not a product of the worldwide islamic terror factory (if there IS such a thing) or a hired help of the Pakistani ISI,as the Americans would have us believe.
In fact Osama is a creation of the CIA itself,which it had given birth to fight the soviets in Afghanistan.Alongwith Zia ul Haq, CIA had created a world wide recruitment drive for mujahiddins , to be sent to fight the COMMIES in the supposed HOLY LAND of Islam, its these people who later turned into Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Ms Clinton so gallantly declared that the loved ones of the victims of 9/11 can now take solace because the perpetrator of the henious crime is now dead..only it seems that the REAL perpetrator..being guilty by association, is not Osama,but,er..the American administration itself.

Secondly,if the loss of american innocents` lives in a terrorist areal attack an admissible excuse for the targeted killing of Osama,what rationale is there against the same treatment for Mr Bush Jr,whose global misadventures have resulted in the loss of more live than 10 9/11's taken together?

Are American lives more precious than say of those living in tribal waziristan..? who are callously being bombarded day and night by drone attacks.?

If osama had been in Abbotabad all this while,what about the countless killed in Tora Bora and NWFP of Pakistan??

And lastly,if justice is meant to solve the problem instead of mere fretting over the symptoms,
isn`t it time for America to pause and think?to Think Long and Hard,over why every enemy they have except for the Soviets perhaps,turns out to be someone they themselves had been funding a while ago?

Saddam Hussain had been financed and propped up against a hostile Iran.And then relentlessly bombed at.Finally fished out of a rat hole,hauled like a pig,poked at like a dog and killed like a wild beast in front of the whole world.If this is justice...then what is vengeance?
not even vengeance,its good old tribal eye-for-an-eye brutality which does not befit a country calling itself civilized(nor does death penalty for juveniles,but lets save that for another day,shall we?)

Its a big word.Much talked about too.In an article which criticizes so heavily the american vendetta against Bin Laden,it can be asked,whether Bin Laden was Civilized.
Was he not barbaric?one might ask,and the fact that he cold-bloodedly orchestrated the deaths of thousands of innocent men,women and children..was it not reason enough to treat him like an animal??
Isnt he,Them, All, bringing it upon themselves for going against civilised societies?and what america has done has merely been collateral damage resulting, unavoidably from a war.

Well,according to Mr Obama Al Qaeda had infact waged war against USA and their killings fall under this logic`s purview too..but there`s no defending killings of innocents(read civilians)and hence there actions,however strong their logic in favour of violence be,can not be condoned.

But increasingly civilised societies are having to ask themselves tougher questions,on how far are they allowed to go while dealing with people who are against their version of civilisation.Is it OK to kill someone because he has killed?
by this logic the day isnt far when rapists will be sentenced to say, a week of rape themselves! and thieves would have to give up all their money and that would be it!
What good can be had by Hanging the 20 year old boy in Arthur Road Jail?
retribution? perhaps. Vengeance? certainly.But Justice? Not by a long Shot.

In the battle for civilisation,if we are allowed to let go of civilised priciples while fighting an uncivilised enemy, the battle is as good as lost.

we are defeated even before we start fighting.

So amidst the deafening roar of the street parties of jubilant americans,i would like a candle being lit,to pray for mercy for the soul of the dead man.
And let us all pray so that wisdom, mercy and humanity is imparted, introduced in a society,which sends unmanned vehicles to kill human beings with no guilt,whatsoever.

If Bin Laden can force Americans to take a hard look at all the murders they`ve committed in cold blood,in the name of JUSTICE.....I`d say His was a life, not completely wasted.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Once upon a time there were three friends, in a sleepy town in non-descript central India.One of them was the newly appointed Deputy collector of the mostly rural Rajnandgaon District , in Madhya Pradesh(Now Chhattisgarh). Another was a Union Leader of the Mine workers who worked in the iron ore mines in the nearby Dalli-Rajhara. And the last;probably the quietest of the lot was a Dr. working the for tribal people.

Although they were like any other group of young Indians living in the yet undeveloped third world country...they were kinda not the same too.They were different.they had a dream.of making india a better place.everyone told them that it was impossible.It had been tried but could not be achieved.It was sheer madness to even think of,let alone devote ones life towards dreaming of, a better India.

The Union Leader, Mr Shankar Guha Niyogi..[].was a close associate of the harbingers of peasant revolutions in India,the pioneers of the Naxalite movement, Charu mazumdar and Kanu sanyal.


But he disagreed with the champions of armed resistance.He believed a peaceful settlement to India`s woes is possible.He worked with the miners and laborers of the omnipresent sponge iron establishments in chhattisgarh.He fought with them to ask for better compensations, payments and job benefits from the feudal employers.All he wanted was for the workers to have what was guaranteed to them by Law.After having worked in the underground CPI (ML) for a few years and having traversed the whole expanse of Chhattisgarh for a few years he ultimately set up his base camp in Bhilai and to fight against Bonded labour formed the Chhatisgarh mInes Shramik Sangh and Chhatisgarh Grameen shramik sangh.He also founded the Chhattisgarh Mukti morcha to demand for the creation of a separate state of Chhattisgarh,carved out from madhya pradesh.

The District collector , Harsh Mander , was a newly inducted member of the prestigious Indian Administrative Services.But,unlike the other members of this coterie who became a part of the franchise for better prices in the dowry and corruption markets,Harsh wanted to create a better India. To change the System by being  a part of it.He thought that it was possible.and why not.Being a part of the administrative services afforded you the opportunity to do a lot of welfare work and social justice.He was happy working for the enfranchisement of the tribals.

And then there was the Doctor.what better way to help the people than by curing them of disease,right?
Or so thought Dr Binayak Sen...[]who as of today is  a more potent threat o the safety and security of Indian State than Pakistan-backed insurgencies or the Government-backed poverty and illiteracy.(If we believe the Chhattisgarh Govt.)Dr Sen Worked for establishing a system of health care for the poor tribals of chhattisgarh.He and his wife, also believed in Human Rights for the poor,another crime punishable by death in India.He worked towards establishing Shaheed Hospital,Alongwith Niyogi Ji. The hospital was built completely by the mine workers for the health care of their lot.
So in Essence what he was doing was to show the feudal lords of neo-colonial India,that the people could very well look after themselves,or so he thought.

All the three friends,young men in their prime decide that india could be changed. and they would change india for them better.So let us have a look at where their struggles finally led them.

Anybody who has ever been to bhilai can testify to seeing some writings on the wall..pun intended.."NIYOGI JI KE HATYARON KO PHAANSI DO { HANG NIYOGI JI`S KILLERS}"

since after coming to bhilai Mr NIyogi`s battle of 14 years,of empowering workers and bonded labourers of chhattisgarh had begun to threaten the most powerful lot in the country,the Rich Industrialists,something had to be done about him.And something was done.He was killed in 1991,in cold blood,in his party office.

More than 3 lakh workers stopped work in chhattigarh that day,and more than two lakh participated in his funeral procession.And although his dream lived on,culminating in the carving out of a new state of Chhattisgarh,how happy the workers and peasants are today is anybody`s guess.So niyogi ji had to pay the price of believing in a better india,by his Life.

Harsh mander worked for twenty years in the tribal areas of chhattisgarh when twists of fate brought him to Gujarat which was on the cusp of change.Under a new and dynamic BJP leadership Gujarat was about to try something new,Ethnic cleansing of moslems.The gujarat Govt under its Hitler-esque leader Narendra Modi had decided to kill muslims left right and center under the pretext of a riot.and that they did.

They counted on the blind obedience of all the money and power hungry bureaucrats of the state,but By mistake Harsh Mander was also there and he refused to comply with these barbaric orders.He decided to protect the inocent minorities of his distrct and succeeded too, to a certain extent.hen all hell broke loose.Before he could understand anything he started getting shunted from one place to another and a whole litany of charges were framed agianst him.Ultimately he had to leave the IAS and is now working with a communal Harmony NGO.
HIs dream of a better india,dead in the quagmires of communal politics.

And lastly,the Dr wo decided to fight till the end.Binayak sen, as part of a PUCL commitee visited the villages of bastar and investigated the whole situation of naxalism and the govt militia SALWA JUDUM.
he authored a scathing report which accused the Chhattisgarh government of blatant murder.[the report can be viewed in the home page of PUCL]Lo and Behold..he was castigated as a maoist,was incarcerated and accused of treason.SO the dreamer of a better India now apparently was a threat to the Indian state.

the courts of chhattisgarh,hand in glove with the fascist govt have kept him in prisons since 2007.Everybody who is in the know of the the case,says,off the record for sure,that outside chhattisgarh,the case does not stand a chance but even the chhattisgarh Govt. knows this. Its sole intention is to keep him behind bars as long as possible and to harass and make an example out of him.So that everybody who has the guts to Call its bluff,to call its campaign of salwa judum the murderous mob that it is,should KNOW what lies in store for them.


SO the moral of the story is,having faith in India gets you killed,harassed or arrested.

Long Live the Indian Dream.